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Develop clarity. Find calm. Stay centred.

Our guided meditation sessions are perfect for all levels, whether you're just starting on your meditation journey or would like to deepen your practice. They feature a range of meditative practices, from mindfulness training to visualisations. Each of our teachers bring deep experience and unique teaching styles.

"Got deeper and more connected than ever could have hoped for meditating on my own"

Dominic P

"I loved and enjoyed the entire session... I genuinely really benefitted and would definitely recommend to others"

Naz B

"Perfect balance between thoughtful guidance and silence in the session. Thank you"

Rupert R


We will resume our online meditation classes in 2021. We'll announce our new start date in our newsletter.



We sometimes host topic-related one-off meditation classes in addition to the weekly Tuesday sessions.

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You will be asked to purchase one of these pricing options when you book a class - or you can buy the price option here, and choose a class later.

We've kept our pricing as accessible as possible during this time. If you're facing unexpected financial difficulties but would like to benefit from meditation especially at this time, please email us and we hope to be able to help.


Single class

2 steps to join one of our live online meditation sessions


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3. Receive link

30 minutes before the class you will receive an email with instructions and a unique link to join. Please keep your login details handy to access the link.

Meditation Classes - Meet The Teachers

At Inhere we invite meditation teachers with deep personal experience in the practice as well as formal training in mindfulness, zen and other genres. Each teacher brings their own unique teaching style.

Our teachers also contribute to communities in multiple ways, such as through youth work, mental health work, arts and music.

Adiba - Founder Inhere online meditation classes leader

Adiba is our Founder. After years of exploring many styles of meditation, she now teaches a combination of mindfulness, compassion meditation and visualisation techniques. She loves to bring people to a deep silence in her sessions that leaves them feeling more at home in themselves, with a personal sense of their inner nature.

Shireen - Inhere guided online meditation classes

Shireen trained with the transatlantic Mindfulness Institute. She is also a wellness journalist, novelist and former TV executive. Her wish is to share with you this simple but at times hard practice: mental attention training to develop a greater awareness that brings more ease, clarity, decisiveness, creativity, happiness and wisdom.

meditation classes

Bryn is a psychotherapist, a mindfulness-based therapist, Lecturer in Dramatherapy and a former Buddhist monk. He brings a gentle teaching style and deep experience using mindfulness-based principles to treat mental health challenges such anxiety, grief, depression, self esteem issues and the search for life purpose.

Diana - Inhere guided online meditation classes

Diana trained as a teacher with Zen Master Daizan Roshi. She guides classes with simplicity, insight and compassion. Her wish is to make mindfulness and meditation accessible to all by inviting you to become present in the moment and develop practices that can lead to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling way of life, while gaining greater insight into your nature.

Private meditation sessions to help you learn to meditate

One-to-one meditation guidance

We offer private one-to-one meditation classes, customised for your practice and your areas of focus. They give you a chance to discuss your meditation training experience step by step, understand more of the theory, and delve deeper as you develop your meditation skills. These sessions are currently delivered online. Please contact us to arrange your session or to hear more about our meditation training .


Private meditation classes make a wonderful gift. We offer gift cards for however many sessions you'd like to gift. Please contact us to arrange this.

Therapy for mental health concerns

If you are experiencing mental health issues and would like therapy, we recommend you contact Bryn Jones, one of our teachers

Bryn is a psychotherapist and mindfulness-based therapist, with many years of experience in treating mental health conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to grief and addiction. You can contact him here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I can't stop my mind from thinking how can I meditate?

If you can't stop you're mind from thinking, you're not alone! You'll soon find that practicing meditation is not about "stopping thinking", as our minds tend to continuously bring up thoughts. While meditating we learn to watch the thoughts as they come and go, and so we create a little distance between ourselves and our thoughts. With practice we find that while we notice them, we are no longer consumed by them.

2. I have never tried meditation - can I join any class?

No, our classes are for all levels, from beginners to those who practice more often. Whenever someone new joins a class the teacher will usually ask if they have meditated before, and then run the class accordingly.

3. Do I need any props or any special outfit to join a class?

You don't need any special outfit to meditate. There are no props required, just find a comfortable place where you can sit relatively straight, and be undisturbed for the duration of the class. You can also lie down if it's more comfortable, provide you remain awake.

4. I meditate regularly - why should I join a meditation class?

Regular meditators find that they benefit from the different styles of guidance from different teachers. Sometimes when we practice on our own we tend to follow the same flow of meditation, so it's refreshing to try different techniques to enhance our practice. Some people also find the live connection with the teacher and the group deepens their practice.

5. Is meditation the same as mindfulness?

No. Meditation practice makes use of deep contemplation to enhance our awareness and understanding. Mindfulness is the state of being fully present to the moment, on purpose, without judgement. There are many different types of meditation, and one of the most common these days is mindfulness meditation - when we meditate to develop the quality of mindfulness. Almost all of our classes integrate mindfulness meditation, however all the teachers also combine other techniques and styles of meditation in the classes.