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Meditation in London: Train your Monkey Mind

UPDATE: To explore the benefits meditation can bring to your life from the comfort of home, have a look at our new meditation classes available to book now.

Meditation in London is a monthly piece sharing practical insights and practices for you to apply in everyday situations. This month we are exploring the monkey mind.

Sometimes, we only have seven seconds.

And even in seven seconds, you get distracted.

It is a well-known fact that thanks to smartphones we now have a shorter attention-span than a goldfish. That’s right, we usually focus for 8 seconds, and fish focus for 9. It’s not a new revelation, but, as we continue to propel towards our smartphone screens, it seems we are increasingly prone to the physiological damage a fast-paced tech-fuelled lifestyle can bring.

The longer we linger in our distracted states, the more freedom the ‘monkey brain’ has to pull us further away from focusing on our professional and personal development.


What is the Monkey Mind? 

Monkey mind is a phrase used to describe the mental impact of endless distractions and mental chatter. Whether you just need to do your invoices, or you’re working on a cure for a disease, harnessing the ability to focus on-demand can bring a powerful shift in quality and efficiency of your work. Being able to employ single-minded focus has a huge bearing on how well we use this thing called time.


Here are a few traits that can stem from monkey mind: 

  • You have a consistent urge to check your phone
  • Indecisiveness
  • Not having control over the circumstances you find yourself in
  • Never having enough time

It’s time to delve into your potential and create the scope for more productivity in every area of your life.


How do I train my ability to focus?

Take five minutes out of your day to be present. If the thought of dedicating five minutes to sitting still sends shivers down your spine, then it’s likely that this is an exercise you will greatly benefit from with consistency.

Prescheduling the time in your day to have this experience makes it harder to avoid. Inheres offer a 5-minute meditation in London for those who are really short of time, or a 20-minute session just to develop the ability to Focus.

While it is ideal to dedicate a fixed time to practice meditation in London, it’s not necessary. You could do it now.

Stop whatever you’re doing, count a couple of breaths, and take a couple of minutes to notice: 2 things you see, 2 things you hear, 2 things you smell, 2 things you taste..and 2 things you feel the touch of. When you finish, just take a note of how you feel altogether.

In the next seven seconds, you have the opportunity to get a hold of your mind or let distraction deter you from getting closer to achieving that promotion, finishing that report or making more time for your loved ones. What will you choose?

Have a look at the Inhere Studio schedule to book your Focus meditation session.