We're here to help you reset

We offer online meditation classes to bring you and your team clarity and calmness during the working day. 

Our guided meditations will leave you more centred and better able to navigate the demands of work and life with ease.

We offer talks on the why, what and how of meditation with insights on how the techniques in use have been shown to change our brains to respond better to stress, and create more space for insight and creativity.

How meditation helps at work:

  • Focus better
  • Respond more calmly to stress
  • Make space for creativity
  • Hold more information in your head
  • Make decisions with a cooler head
  • Relate better with colleagues

“Havas Lynx used Inhere Studio as part of our Wellness Wednesday programme at the start of the year. We cannot recommend them highly enough. Our group meditation sessions were held at our offices. Adiba was very attentive to the group and customised each meditation session  accordingly. The team enjoyed each of the sessions and afterwards felt  relaxed and ready to tackle the day ahead!”

nicole rose

Havas Lynx

"I organised an online meditation session for staff at our organisation in honour of World Mental Health Day. The session was hosted by the founder of Inhere Studio, Adiba and I found her to be knowledgeable, friendly and interactive in the session. I personally found the session quite enlightening seeing as I have never practiced any meditation before. Additionally, fellow colleagues also commented on how much they enjoyed the session and will be looking into how to make meditation a regular part of their daily lives. I would highly recommend Inhere studio for guided mediation, the booking process was smooth and timely."

samantha oshodi

The Royal Society

“The session Adiba ran was absolutely fantastic - the team were engaged from beginning to end and I was surprised how easy it was to meditate in the office! I would definitely recommend it as a great way to introduce meditation to your team.”



"Everyone I spoke to loved it and said they felt great after it and very enlightened and educated."

shannon o'connor

Camelot Lottery Solutions

Meditation Pods

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Dogen, founder of Soto Zen

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“...client testimonial can go here
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scrolling carosel with pod images.”

Dogen, founder of Soto Zen

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"For the rest of the day, that whirring, ticker-tape mental activity – remembering to do things, getting distracted by a fly – seemed to slow down to something much calmer, more methodical. I cannot put my finger on anything more I achieved, no great challenges met, but I seemed more centred, focused."

zoe williams

The Guardian

Imagine having a space you can step into where it’s just you and your thoughts. Space to stop. To think about the brief that’s just landed on your desk. To find your breath, focus and mentally prepare for whatever’s coming up.

Our latest pods are circular and 2m across, so they fit into atriums, receptions, cafeterias or meeting rooms. They come with a seat and ottoman, headphones and an MP3 player with a selection of meditations of different lengths and styles.