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Inhere meditation pod

Space to be

Imagine having a space you can step into where it’s just you and your thoughts. Space to stop. To catch your breath, relax, and find stillness


The Inhere meditation pod is designed to help you step away from the hustle and bustle, unwind and take a moment for yourself

 Perfect for busy places from offices and hotels to galleries and exhibitions, our meditation pods bring a sense of peace when you need some downtime


to “inhere” is to exist within

Featured in:

“The wooden pod did make me feel as if I was in a Polynesian spa…Don’t be surprised if a meditation pod pops up in your office soon.”

“I was as relaxed as a sun-basking dog in five seconds flat…a sense of peace washed over me so completely that my executive function took a break.”

“You can use the pods as a meditation tool, or simply somewhere to escape to and reset the mind.”

Meditation Pod seats

At one with its setting


Designed by a meditation teacher and an interior designer, the Inhere meditation pod has been built to blend in with its surroundings, allowing air and light to flow in from its environment

A circular shape framed by Sapele wood slats creates a supportive space around a comfortable seat. At the front, a fringe curtain offers just enough privacy to soothe your mind without making you feel enclosed


Our meditation pods are designed and sustainably made in the UK from FCA certified wood

Low tech


We keep it simple

Just some headphones and our guided meditations

You can use our no fuss audio player with tracks installed

Or use your device to stream any relaxing tracks you might love

Because sometimes technology is the last thing you need to switch off and go within 

A closer look

Close your eyes, catch your breath, and enjoy time for you

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Inhere meditation pod in England's happiest primary school

"The reason we did it was for staff wellbeing, first of all, and to make sure that the staff were really looked after and to see how that affects their wellbeing over time. We also thought about how that would benefit the children in the school ...This will further enhance staff and pupils’ state of mind and create an environment of calm and focus.

This meditation pod is for everyone in our community... we want this to be something for lifelong wellbeing."

Meditation Pods For Sale - Pricing


The price of our pods includes the seat, the ottoman, headphones and our meditations

We also include a live online guided meditation session for you and your team to start your journey into calm

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order an Inhere meditation pod?

Our meditation pods for sale are very popular so please Contact Us to and we will confirm lead times, delivery and installation details with you. Upon signing the contract of sale we invoice 50% to confirm an order, and the rest on delivery. We accept card payments and bank transfers. 

2. What are the dimensions of the Inhere meditation pod?

Our pods are 2m wide and 2.1m high. Ideally you would have a space of at least 8 sqm to give the pod enough of a breathing space.

3. What is the lead time to make and deliver a pod?

We make our pods to order, and the lead time to make one is 4-8 weeks. We can confirm the timing more exactly when you enquire. Delivery may be an additional day or a few weeks depending on where it is going. We ship globally from London, UK.

4. Are seats included with the meditation pods?

Yes, a seat and ottoman are included.

5. How is it installed?

We offer an installation service within the Greater London area in UK. Otherwise, we provide video and written instructions for joiners to assemble the pod on site. You will need 2 joiners or experienced handymen.

6. Is it connected to power?

Yes there is a power socket in the pod – the lead comes out from behind the pod and can be plugged into any socket. Adaptors are provided for global customers.

7. Where does Inhere meditation pod best fit in a room?

We recommend placing the pod in a corner of the room, with the entrance facing away from the rest of the room, to ensure a sense of privacy when you are sitting inside.

8. How do you maintain Inhere meditation pod?

We advise using a non-toxic wood cleaner to wipe the surface areas of the pod as often as appropriate, depending on how much it is used.

9. What type of meditations are included?

We offer 20 meditation and relaxation tracks, from a 5 minute taster to up to 20 minutes long meditations. They combine mindfulness, compassion meditation and visualisation techniques and some tracks are nature sounds only for you to relax to.

10. Why is meditation good for you?

Meditation has been proven to help us develop a healthy relationship with our minds. We are better able to manage stress, navigate emotions and enjoy greater physical wellbeing. You can get a great overview of the benefits in our blog that summarises the some of the main benefits.

11. Where can I find some helpful guided meditations?

You can try some of our meditations here. We also love these practices from Plum Village that are suitable for everyone. Finally for some deeply relaxing meditation music you can try Moby’s Long Ambients.

12. Are Meditation Pods and Relaxation Pods the same thing?

Yes. If you just want to relax any of our meditation pods would be perfect for you to achieve that tranquil moment that aides relaxation.