Inhere gives you the space to stop, pause and hear yourself again.

We offer meditation pods and meditation classes globally.

We aim to give everyone the chance to develop a healthy relationship with their mind. Which means offering people the opportunity, the time and the space to tune out the noise of daily life and take a closer look inside.

We've introduced custom-built meditation pods so people all over the world can experience what it’s like to stop and listen. You can rest. You can think. You can do whatever it is you need to find stillness and focus on you. 

We host online meditation talks and classes for workplaces, events and individuals worldwide.

To "inhere" is to "exist within".

Our story

Adiba launched Inhere in 2017 to bring together her love of beautiful spaces, the science of the mind and the wonder of sitting in silence.  

She experienced her first meditation lesson 15 years ago on a hilltop in Asia where she was asked to observe a tree for an hour. Since then she resolved to create more space for contemplation and self-inquiry in society.

Inhere started life as London's first drop-in meditation studio in the City of London, offering immersive meditation sessions for busy city dwellers.

We now deliver meditation pods and meditation classes in offices, schools, events and audiences around the globe.