Why Meditate

Why Meditate? To Make space for You

Doing two, or three or five things at once has become normal. But while our lifestyles have adapted to a never-ending barrage of distractions, tasks and events – our minds and the systems that control our stress levels are yet to catch up.

Research shows that meditating, even just for a few minutes at a time, can help us cope better with the ups and downs of daily life. It can help us manage stress better. Think more clearly. Sleep deeper. Work more efficiently. Be a better friend. Live in a calmer, more considered way.

By creating peaceful spaces for meditation – whether it’s a teacher-run class or a meditation pod – we’re inviting people to take the time they need. It might not be for long. And it might not be every day. But it will make a big difference and help you answer your own question,  why mediate ?

Reduce your stress levels

Meditation regulates our ‘fight or flight’ response to everyday situations. So we panic less over little things.

It also reduces our ‘negativity bias’, which is our tendency to remember negative memories over positive ones.

By forcing us to be in the present, it stops us from worrying so much about the past or future.

Keep your emotions in check

Scans have shown that long-term meditators have brains that are ‘hard wired’ to think positively.

Meditation helps us create a mental “buffer” from our emotions. It makes it easier to stop and consider how we want to respond, instead of flying off the handle.

Concentrate for longer

Thanks to ‘neuroplasticity’, the more we train our minds to focus on one thing only, the easier it gets.

Regular meditators find their attention spans increase and their minds wander  less frequently.

Develop people skills

Meditation helps us develop feelings of compassion towards ourselves, which makes it easier to form stronger relationships.

Long-term meditators have also been shown to be more empathetic towards others which to us is a good enough answer to why mediate

why meditate

Why Meditate ?

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