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3 Myths only a Meditation Blog can reveal

This meditation blog reveals truths about meditation you could not otherwise immediately unravel by asking Google. Here are three demystified myths about one of the decades’ increasingly popular practices. 

The purpose of meditation is to silence your mind 

Rather than silencing the mind, meditation can give you the ability to acknowledge and accept your thoughts, instead of pushing yourself to eliminate unwanted memories and concerns. It would be too easy if there were a way to momentarily forget about the pressing deadline at work or the recent argument you had with a loved one, but there is a greater power in being able to live with the noise.

Make yourself aware of the impact inner dialogue can have in other areas of your life. Look at the physical effects of your mentality, and you will begin to realise one of the real advantages of the practice is discovering the resilience to feel less pressure in the moments where noise surrounds you.


Meditation is a break from reality 

Unlike watching a film, mediation is a not a way of running away from reality, but instead a way of building strength and awareness by standing in the moment. Keeping a consistent practice can be challenging, becayse being fully in the present is not always easy. There will be days that you do not feel like doing it, and days where you will be more at peace with yourself than others.


Meditation is a way to relax 

One of the truths only a dedicated mediation blog would share is that meditating just to relax can lead to disappointment.

While deep breaths can signal to your body that it’s time to unwind, meditating is not a quick-fix for relaxation. A regular practice will help you become more relaxed, but this happens more often by developing a better perspective of the present. As mindfulness becomes a familiar mindset, you will have a stronger understanding when it is time to take a break.


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