Meditation Studio Launch Adiba

Hosting Wells Fargo’s EMEA Women’s Network

UPDATE: To explore the benefits meditation can bring to your life from the comfort of home, have a look at our new live meditation classes available to book now.

On Wednesday 26th July we hosted an event for Wells Fargo’s EMEA Women’s Network at Inhere. It was a wonderful chance to introduce our concept to our neighbours in the City, the story behind Inhere, and the benefits of meditation and mindfulness for a City audience. We mingled, we enjoyed delicious food and drink from Crussh, and all the guests enjoyed a guided meditation session in our studio.



It was reassuring to see the importance that this team from one of America’s largest banks, placed on creating a supportive, healthy, enjoyable atmosphere for its colleagues to connect with each other. There were varying accounts of how the meditation session left everyone feeling. While everyone is different, it was good to see that everyone, from those who had never meditated before, to those who were regulars, engaged with the experience fully. We look forward to further collaborations.