Inhere Meditation Pod at work

Why a meditation pod? And why Uncommon?

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On Friday 12th October, we introduced our brand new meditation pod at the Somnex Sleep Show, and on Tuesday 16th October the pod travelled to its new home, the luxury co-working space Uncommon, in their SE1 branch in London.

Why a meditation pod?

From our first studio in Monument we learned that while some people enjoy a group experience of meditation, others just want some time and space for themselves to unwind, reset, and refocus. Some of our guests also mentioned “I’d love something like this studio in our office!”. At a time when work related stress has climbed to its highest rate in 16 years in the UK, with a 7% rise in stress related reports in the last year alone, this is no surprise. So we took it upon ourselves to design “a room within a room”, a beautiful enclosure where one can take some time just for themselves in the middle of busy environments such as offices, co-working spaces, hotels, atriums, even schools or hospitals.

So the meditation pod was built. We’ve used solid Sapele wooden slats as the frame to offer privacy without being isolated, a fringe curtain for easy access, and a very comfortable seat where you can sit or lie back. Our meditation pod comes with an audio player and headset offering guided meditation tracks and some tracks with just the sounds of nature – so you can choose whether to meditate, chill out to nature sounds, or just breathe and enjoy your time as you’d like. It’s a natural, organic setting, where technology is integrated only as an aid, not as the enabler.

We’ve built this pod to fit beautifully into busy environments, exactly the type of place where it’s hard to find somewhere for a few minutes’ respite. It’s not about switching off all noise and keeping out all light and external stimulus, because meditation is about being in the world and keeping our centre while doing it. Our intention is for people to nip in and out of this meditation pod to be more clear, focussed and calm while going about their everyday business.

Why Uncommon?

Uncommon is a creative, luxury co-working space with 3 branches in London and growing. From the beginning they were a fantastic partner for us to launch the meditation pod with because their values are aligned with Inhere’s. They value health and wellness, good design, and constructive use of technology, and that’s exactly what we had in mind when we built our meditation pod. Uncommon’s motto is to help their members thrive, and this positive intention is why we feel meditation is important today. From the 1300 plants in their Borough branch to the stunning lobby where the pod looks as if it’s always been there, the partnership came naturally. We’re delighted to be able to offer our meditation pod to Uncommon members to enjoy. Whether you’d like to feel centred before a meeting, de-stress after a tough one, clear your mind at any time of the day or simply just relax, we’ve curated meditations that fit into the flow of the day and all that it may bring.

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