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Why we donated a meditation pod to a school

Why we donated a meditation pod to a school

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On 26th November 2018 Inhere donated its very first meditation pod to Longwood Primary Academy in Harlow. Longwood will have our meditation pod for 4 months for a research project to measure if and how using the pod and the meditations affect teachers and even some students.


Why did we donate the pod to a school?

Ever since we launched our first meditation studio in the City in 2017, teachers came up to us to say “I wish your studio was in my school”. We didn’t forget this. Teaching in schools can be one of the most stressful occupations, and finding space for some calm and clarity is difficult, if not impossible. Wellbeing of teachers is crucial so that they can support children to their full extent. This is why it was always our intention to donate our first meditation pod to a school. Our meditation pod will be in Longwood for 4 months, and then it will travel to other beneficiaries in the education sector.


Who will use the meditation pod? Teachers or students?

Although our meditation pod was originally designed for adults, as James Hollinsley, Head Teacher of Longwood Primary Academy asserts, some older children around 10-11 years of age could also potentially benefit from using it. The NHS recently released a report showing an alarming rise in referrals to mental health services of under 19’s – as of March 2018 almost 400,000 were being treated, the highest number ever recorded. The statistics are going in an unfavourable direction. We look forward to seeing if and how spending time in the meditation affects its students.


Why Longwood Primary Academy?

Since we made public our intention to donate the meditation pod to a school, we were naturally inundated with requests from schools across the country. Eventually we chose to donate it to Longwood because of its trailblazing commitment to teacher wellbeing. The school recently won the coveted and prestigious TES Schools Award 2018 – Employer of the Year, and its commitment to teachers’ wellbeing with its structured programme “Teach, Rest, Play” contributed largely to this. We were impressed with sincerity and effort that James and his team place on enhancing the wellbeing of the school’s teachers and students.


Commenting on our donation, James said:

At Longwood Primary Academy we believe in a structured development programme and simplifying what is expected from teachers, whilst focusing on high quality training alongside an emphasis on wellbeing for all… and with the added benefit of this fantastic donation from Inhere I am confident we will further enhance staff and pupils’ state of mind and create an environment of calm and focus. We will be conducting research on the advantages of having a pod such as this at school and working with Inhere on our findings. We are delighted to be the recipients of this generous gift and on behalf of our children, staff and families would like to extend huge thanks and gratitude for this ‘money can’t buy’ donation.

James talks to BBC about meditation at school and our meditation pod

You can hear James talking to the BBC about the pod and its use for teachers here – forward to 1 hour and 8 mins.

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