time to meditate

Making time for meditation

By dedicating time to meditation classes now, you are sparing yourself years of stress. 

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Meditation classes work on improving wellbeing in a number of ways:


1/ Staying steady

Shaken, stirred or smooth? We all occasionally have one…a moment of being shaken by memories, having mixed feelings about our aspirations, stirred by the tedious ‘what if’s’, or made smooth with snippets of smells and sounds we grasp in the moment.

The mind is a cocktail of emotions throughout the day. Knowing how to sift through the noise to remain steady and composed is a skill that you develop with practice in meditation.


2/ Staying clear-headed

Even amidst the crowded thoughts that are dancing through the mind by midday, you learn to clearly envision the bigger picture. It is equally as important that you maintain the clarity to understand, and communicate your needs, regardless of the obstacles.

“Just Breathe” by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman is a remarkable example of the power that lies in being mindful of your emotions, regardless of your age.


3/ Building resilience

Mistakes happen. You tried and tripped. Clients complain, children cry and unexpected costs push the mind to make unconstructive, critical, and cruel comments. Make the time for meditation to learn to look at pitfalls with a sense of perspective and compassion, because we are all human. Overtime you get back on track much more easily.


“But I don’t have the time….”

Start with five minutes, or even less. You do not need to meditate for hours to notice the difference, but small and consistent steps will be crucial in encouraging the remarkable benefits of this practice.

For a short exercise, you can practice immediately – read: Meditation in London: train your monkey mind.

Just like the effort that goes into maintaining our physical health, training the mind requires equal dedication and focus to see the best benefits.

To start making time for meditation classes today have a look at our schedule.