Time to meditate

Meditation: the importance of a regular practice

Meditation is a practice to be developed, and on some days it will flow better than others. This is why it helps to start off by establishing a regular practice, rather than relying on ad hoc time to do it.

If you have ever learnt to play an instrument, or learnt to use a new IT system at work, or even learnt to drive, you will know that establishing a regular practice is a more effective way of mastering your new skill, rather than pushing yourself to learn everything over night or leaving it for every few weeks. The same theory applies to meditation: you are more likely to feel the benefits, understand how it varies from day to day, and experience less resistance if you are practicing on a daily basis.

Creating a habit

Even if you start by meditating for 3-5 minutes everyday, you will experience more benefits than if you were meditating for 40 minutes once a month.

Eventually, when you have formed the basis of a habit, you can build on your meditation time little by little – going from 5 minutes every day to 10 minutes and beyond. This will make it easier to deepen your practice and it will create a smoother transition into your new habit.

Setting aside a time that works for you

When creating a new habit, it helps if you set aside the same time every day to meditate. If you are a morning person, perhaps making this the first thing you do when you get out of bed; if you are a night owl, practice before you get into bed. Whatever you do, make sure you are slotting your practice into your lifestyle and at a time/place when you will find it easiest to maintain your commitment.

Try not to make any drastic change to your routine, this makes it easier to keep up your new pattern. Daily meditation can help to enhance your life, it shouldn’t make you feel like you are missing out on things or  giving things up.

At Inhere’s London meditation studio we run sessions as short as 5 minutes, so you can fit the practice into a busy schedule.

Feel what it does for you

There are many benefits to meditation – you can read about some on our Why Meditate page. From having more patience, to improving your focus, to managing pain or sleeping better., all of these benefits are more likely to have a lasting impact if you are consistent with your practice. 

Read about Inhere’s online meditation classes and check our our schedule to book your space.

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